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Product management support course

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Who is this for?

You lead an early-stage project and could use a hand with product-related topics.

What will you get out of this?

You will bring a seasoned product manager onboard, part time.


✏️  Working backwards

Put in writing your assumptions around your customer, problem and solution.

This proven method will facilitate internal debate, and tackle ambiguity.

🎯  Define goals

Starting with common product themes.

Set a target so that you can see if you are getting there.

🛣️  Product roadmap

Help the team understand what is being worked on, now and next.

See how what you are building ties with your goals.

(See Gumroad's own product roadmap, as an example)

🐞  Bug tracking

Walk the store in the shoes of your customer, and identify rough edges.


• Asynchronous work: 5 hrs/week

• Catch-up sessions: as needed


• Mon-Fri 12:00PM - 14:00PM CST (can exceptionally do later)

• Catch-up sessions to be planned in advance

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$2,500 a month

Product management support course

0 ratings
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